Student Lifecycle Management System This technology solution facillitates convenient and seamless enrolling of new and old students into your instituion.

About SLMS

Student Lifecycle Management Service is a data-informed approach that focuses on the entire student journey - from admission through graduation- to ensure student success. This management service help educational institutions leverage technology throughout the student lifecycle to improve learning processes and institution’s reputation.

Key service areas include: admission management and processing, course registration, student records, payments, grading, academic progression, and graduation (transcript processing).

Student lifecycle management service enable institutions understand the need of the students and respond accordingly through the life-cycle management platform.

Application Processing

The solution enables candidates to apply for admission into various programs offered by the institution online from anywhere and at anytime.

This eliminates the traditional limitation inherent in manual sales of application forms.

The notice of sales of application forms is also managed online; thereby extending reach to prospective candidates across the nation without the hassle of having to make long trips to the physical location of the institution.

Also available are customizable reports on applicants based on categories such as type of program, department, course, location etc. and schedules of entry examination to promptly notify applicants.

Course Management

The system provides for flexible creation of courses offered by students of different departments and programmes on a semester by semester basis.

Students can do course registration on the portal after which they download their course form.

Lecturers can download list of students who have registered courses assigned to them.

Course pre-requisites, carry over courses and add-and-drop processes can also be configured based on the policies of the institution.


Graduates of the institution are provided with a transcript application interface to enable them apply directly to the institution and to make and verify payments online.

The institution is therefore able to access the list of applicants, verify and notify applicants on their eligibility status, process and deliver transcripts to requesting organizations.

Result Publication

A datasheet upload tool is provided for the upload of student’s results in excel format or via single line entry into the portal database.

There is also provision for setup of result modification authorization for already published results.

Students can login to view/print their results and generate their GPA. The process is tailored to the institutions processes.

Admission & Acceptance

This provides for the publication of applicants screening results and batch upload of admitted students into the SLMS system.

The upload action auto-generates a mail containing the students’ login credentials and sends it to the email provided in the application form. The student is therefore able to log in to his/her personal profile with the provided credentials.

All admitted applicants are provided with the institution’s authorized customized acceptance form to be filled and printed for submission after successful validation of payment receipts.

Know Your Ward (KYW)

This service provides for parents/guardians to create personal accounts on the portal and send request for access to their wards in order to view their basic profile data. Parents & guardians would be able to:

  1. View wards personal data
  2. View pending fees
  3. Make fee payments on behalf of their ward
  4. View payment history
  5. View results

There is also clear audit trail of all parents/guardians activities on the system.

Fee Payment

The system provides a closed loop transaction panel for payment of all fee types in the institution. The various fee types are dynamically configured with multiple payment channel capability.

Candidates and students are therefore able to make payment and are issued receipts from any of the provided payment channels and apply the receipt credentials to the portal in order to execute key academic processes.

Students can download and print their fee receipts while the Institution administrators will have access to the payment ledger and other related reports. Payment channels include:

  1. Online Card Based Payment directly on the portal
  2. Bank Teller Based Payment
  3. CBN Licensed Mobile Money Based Collection

The payment channels provide the following benefits:

  1. Integration with accounting system & Inventory
  2. Cash lodged in the bank immediately
  3. Enables prepaid services
  4. Streamlining of authorization processes – anytime & anywhere
  5. Improves payment security
  6. Audit trail
  7. Token based
  8. Improves real time financial reporting and faster bank reconciliation

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