About BlueTag Technologies

BlueTag Technologies is an educational technology (EdTech) company focused on improving learning and education administration across tertiary educational institutions in Africa. With this view in mind, we stepped in and filled the gap as evidenced by our success in tertiary institutions of learning across Africa.

Now, BlueTag Technologies has set her sights on revamping the educational system by taking a top-down approach from tertiary to primary educational institutions

At BlueTag Technologies, we believe that technology should be an integral and integrated component of the educational process and curricular program. We have developed a fully localized learning and student lifecycle management platform which employs an approach that elevates the quality of contents, infrastructure, delivery & processes in a sustainable and cost-effective manner.

BlueTag Technologies partners with educational institutions to revamp the educational system right from the student’s very first contact with the institution up to when his transcripts are processed for graduation.

The student’s very first contact with the educational institutions happens via Computer-based testing. In partnership with the educational institutions, BlueTag Technologies ascertains the student’s intellectual competence via Computer-based testing in a safe, secure, and transparent environment.

The student is ensured of the integrity of the grading process and the educational institution is spared the unnecessary stress and money that results from canceling an exam or remarking a student’s script upon request.

BlueTag Technologies achieves this via a convenient, speedy and precise method of using Information Technology to achieve an availability of test on demand within an adjustable time frame, incorporation of audiovisuals (sight and sound) into the examination questions, thorough randomization of examination questions, availability and secure management of question banks, and flexible configuration of results publishing option.

The successfully admitted prospective student of the institution then goes through the next stage of the technology i.e. Student Lifecycle Management Service. The new entrant is walked through the admission management and processing stage of the technology. During this stage, the new entrant comes into contact with CLAG™ Biometric Service.

This is an innovative step that prevents identity fraud by using a biometric solution that measures and analyses human body characteristics like fingerprints for authentication or identification purposes. This is used to produce biometric ID cards and double as payment cards that enable the student continue his academic course registration afforded him by the Student Lifecycle Management Service.

After the academic course registration is done, the student comes into contact with The Learning Management Service, which is a web-based e-learning platform that provides the necessary infrastructure and framework tools that facilitate learning and lecturer-student classroom communication.

The examination results made available by the Computer-based testing after student lectures have ended are accurately kept and processed by the Student Lifecycle Management Service.

Our solutions form an integral part of the learning process at some leading institutions in Nigeria.

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