Character Learning & Assessment Guarantee This technology solution enables your institution manage staff & students identity using secure & scalable biometrics capturing for Identification, testing, & access.

About CLAG

Identity fraud is the foundation of crime, if the identity of individual members of a community is defined in such a way it cannot be duplicated or altered, then we may have removed the most fundamental incentive for other forms of crime or fraud. The human mind is very vulnerable to corruptive influences and negative thoughts if not regulated by enforceable laws and guideline.

With the astronomical growth in human population, the only way to equip our administrative institutions with the long arm that is visibly required to catch-up and punish defaulters of constituted rules and guideline is the introduction of machine integrity and speed in public administration.

CLAG is BlueTags’ Biometric Component for the enrolment and aggregation of both staff and student’s data which is then used for the production of biometric ID Cards that doubles as payment cards.

Staff CLAG Enrollment & Verification

The enrolment and biometric capture of staff will provide the institutions with authentic and credible biometrics employee database.

This will enable institutions determine with certainty the exact number of its legitimate employees, the skills available, and plan developmental approach and programs required in achieving its objectives.

The exercise would ensure the generation of unique computer numbers that are linked with employees’ service numbers as well as the provisioning of smart security identity cards that doubles as payment card, with an integration point for future plug in of Integrated Electronic Bulk Payment (Payroll System), and Time and Attendance system.

Student CLAG Enrollment & Verification

Similarly, enrolment of all students would provide institutions with authentic biometrics student database, making every student uniquely identifiable.

To ensure a smooth enrolment and verification exercise, institutions would be required to provide full list of bonafide students classified by programme type, department, course of study and current level amongst other information relevant to each student.

The smart identity cards to be issued to students also double as payment cards.

CLAG Requirements


  1. PC's
  2. Finger Print Scanners
  3. Cameras
  4. High speed network infrastucture on a fiber Local Area Network and a Campus Cloud WIFI-LAN This would run through the hosting server, connecting enrollment and verification points e.g security post, departmental offices, student halls etc.

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