Computer Based Testing Service This service enables your institution organize standardized tests, for examinations, recruitment, and assessments.

About CBT Service

Computer-based testing (CBT) has emerged as an innovative approach to assessments and examinations and has introduced convenience, machine speed and measurement precision into the process.

Examples of benefits presented by the CBT component of the proposed solution are:

  1. Availability and secure management of question banks
  2. Thorough randomization of examination questions
  3. Flexible configuration of result publishing option
  4. Availability of Test on Demand within Adjustable Time Frame
  5. Incorporation of Video and Audio in Examination/Test Materials
  6. Low examination delivery cost
  7. Boosting of professional image of the institution
  8. Revenue generation source for the institution

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Critical Success Factors

Overall, our solutions are designed to effectively meet the expectations of the institution in terms of providing real and measurable value, implementation success, cost-effectiveness and deployment within time-frames.

Implementation Approach

Our solution is deployed using the ASAP Implementaion approach. This approach will involve stakeholders constantly and deeply; determine staff requirements, define and evaluate project metrics at all phases of the project.

This implementation strategy has the advantage that it always breaks inertia and gets all parties started early enough on a task that must surely be done.

Our Differentiation

Our implementation is driven by key personnel with proven track records built upon certified industry standards. We totally understand the linkage between business and technology direction and capabilities.

We have built a reputation on providing leading-edge, tailored ICT solutions for clients drawn from the expertise and field experience of highly qualified Engineers and Consultants in areas such as e-Education, e-Government, e-Procurement, e-Business (B2C, B2B, B2E, etc.), e-Collaboration, workflow, content, document and knowledge management, communications middleware, network management, ICT security and broadband, mobile applications, outsourcing services, with integration to core proprietary financial value-chain platforms for banks, corporate organizations, debit-networks and processors etc.

We place a high premium on the strategic, incremental and pragmatic roadmap for the achievement of our projects with clearly defined work packages; adopting high standards of ethics in all business transactions and practices. We ensure that performance exceeds requirements, risks are adequately managed and support functions effectively delivered.

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